Wi-Fi dead spots typically arise from the interruption of signal due to physical barriers or distances beyond which signals cannot reach.

Plug-and-play devices that most users purchase online or from appliance stores suffer a defect similar to that of other smart devices – they receive their signal wirelessly. They cannot give more than they are getting

To solve this problem, wired access points are used. By connecting routers and access points to modems via cable, we bypass any obstructions (like concrete walls) and enable the signal to travel farther than it would ordinarily go.

Standing next to any one of our installed devices will be akin to standing next to the modem from your ISP. Problem solved!

Is cabling a no-no for you? Don’t worry, we’ve got you! Mesh Wi-Fi technology is specifically designed to deal with dead spots where cabling is not an option. Our mesh Wi-Fi devices are very different to the wireless range extenders that you purchase at your nearest appliance store. They use cutting edge technology that allow them to be as effective as cabled solutions.

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